Meeting Scheduling will be open starting September 15, 2017

One on One Meetings: Monday Oct. 23rd – Tuesday Oct. 24th 2017
Location: Encore Beethoven 2


Sept. 1st 2017 – Managers to post their information during or update after registration on the Alternative Asset Summit website so investors can view their firm details.
Sept. 8th 2017 – Investors should have their preferences updated on the Alternative Asset Summit website (AUM, Track record, Strategies, etc.)
Sept. 15th 2017 – One on One scheduling open for investors and managers to schedule meetings
Oct. 16th 2017 – Investor and Manager meetings should be confirmed
After Oct. 16th 2017 – One on One scheduling will remain open based on availability for additional scheduling


With over 1,000 One on One meeting slots available, the Summit provides the opportunity for Investors and Managers to meet each other for pre-scheduled One on One Meetings. These brief One on One introductory meetings are pre-scheduled by Investors and Managers or the Summit team to ensure you meet with executives who best match your investment criteria and goals. If you would like to have a longer meeting you can select multiple blocks of time for one meeting. These sessions are open only to Managers and Investors/Allocators. For more information contact Victor at or 917-338-9898.


There will be 3 separate One on One sessions during the Summit. The session schedules will be available soon.



One on Ones meetings are facilitated in three ways.

1) Investors will be able to see your manager profile and materials and can solicit you for meetings during the one on one session to be arranged before and even during the Summit.

2) There will be a number of investors that will be open for managers to see their criteria and be able to solicit the investors for meetings during the one on one sessions.

3) Peter and Brian Nash (see contact details below) work behind the scenes to help facilitate meeting scheduling with investors and managers and can suggest to investors that may be interested in your strategy to set up a meeting with you during the one on one sessions.


In addition there are premium ways you can get exposure during the Summit

1) Exclusive Featured Manager Table in the one on ones room with signage.  All your one on one meetings will be at your exclusive large table with signage for your firm. +$895 at current rates

2) RoundTable Session Table – you will be able to present to two groups of investors during the Featured Manager RoundTables Session Thursday Oct. 29th. +$895 at current rates


We are happy to act as a concierge for investors to organize any desired meetings with any number of managers over the course of the Summit.

Also if you are a manager and would like to host a private invitation only dinner with end investors please contact us and we can arrange sponsorship of such an event during the Summit.